Sparsh Balgram

A very good initiative taken, to give shelter to HIV infected children


AIDS has emerged serious challenge for the developing as well as developed countries..

The number of people reported to be living with HIV AIDS across the globe 34.0 million in 2010. The global summary of AIDS epidemic 2010 exibites majority of HIV infected adults who have 30.01 million over the world, 16.08 million women have been victim of HIV AIDS and children under the 15 years were 3.04 million over the world.

HIV AIDS is second dangerous dieases in the world. Whenever this disease spread in the human body it don`t look at the pereson is he or she it can just make his victim anybody.

HIV AIDS has spread by the 4 main reasons. Thousands of NGO`S ,Scientist, social worker, are putting efforts to stop HIV AIDS but they can`t. In the world highest number of HIV AIDS are living in africa. And in India we should know that highest number of HIV victims living in Maharashtra.

Sparsh aims to bring shelter to the kids fighting their lives against HIV/AIDS. These kids are put here at the age when they shall rather be comforting their dreams in the gentle lap of their mother.

In fact most of them have never known any family. Aware of the battle with the enemy which dwells within their skin, they manage to take out some time to go to school, to smile, and to teach us a lesson of love.