Sparsh Balgram

A very good initiative taken, to give shelter to HIV infected children


In the year 2008, I got married to a twenty year old orphan girl, Sujata, whose parents had died of AIDS. We lived in Satara, a small town in Maharashtra. The villagers knew nothing about the deadly disease except that it was contagious and since Sujata’s parents were afflicted with AIDS, they assumed she and I were most likely to contract it and spread it around town. We were thrown out of the village and I soon began work at various NGO at Pune, and we decided to open SPARSH (Shelter & Rehabilitation Center for HIV/AIDS infected children’s)

Until today, we have 250 children have been rehabilitated in the society.Today, the organization boasts of seventeen children between the age group of 6 to 16 years and looks after their mental, physical and emotional needs. Lack of funds and Government support does tie our hands to a great extent but a noble mission such as this can hardly be put aside for the sake of convenience or comfort. The children are housed in a 2bhk apartment which they share with us. It‘s a tight squeeze and every other day is a struggle to make ends meet but the joy of seeing them smile makes it all worthwhile.

Our Vision

To work towards the welfare of children afflicted by HIV/AIDS and provide them with good education, health, nutrition and rehabilitate them in the society.

Our Mission

To empower children with HIV/AIDS by maximizing their potential and enabling them to become confident and self reliant.

Our Objective

To provide a home environment to the orphaned children afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS medication leaves children hungry more often than not; therefore we strive to provide sufficient food to meet their nutritional requirements.

To provide proper education to maximize their potential.

To give them vocational training to rehabilitate them in the community.