Sparsh Balgram

A very good initiative taken, to give shelter to HIV infected children

SPARSH is a non-profit organisation, registered under the Indian Trust Act, where we undertake the care and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS Infected children. Our aim is to provide a safe environment where these children have access to their basic rights - of protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood.

We welcome your interest in our work and your aid. No contribution is too small, because every gift makes a world of a difference to a child!

Volunteer your time

We require volunteers who can spend some dedicated time with the kids. You could teach music, dance, painting, computer skills or academics to our special children's. You'll definitely go home happier and more fulfilled.

Allow Us

To host a stall on your premises We could be given a stall to sell products like paintings, greeting cards, file/folders, paper bags, and awareness of HIV/AIDS etc.


People from all walks of life who care about impoverished children have found creative, fun, and easy ways to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS. You can do many of these ideas yourself. Please contact us for more details.

Donation Option Amount
Sponsor any amount for the welfare of a child... We value your contribution and involvement. Donate
Sponsor a 8 Ltr of milk for a day for children… Milk is essential for all growing children and each child at SPARSH is given a 2 cup every day. 300 Per Day 9000 Per Month
Sponsor a 25 Egges for a day for children… Egges is essential for all growing children and each child at SPARSH is given every day. 100 Per Day 3000 Per Month
Sponsor living expenses for a child for a month… Your contribution will ensure that a child benefits from the essentials – food, clothing, shelter and education. 2000 Per Month
Adopt a Child –1)One Year full sponsorship of HIV/AIDS infected kid's at Shelter center. 2)One year sponsorship of SPARSH SANJIVANI Kit for HIV/AIDS infected kids. 1)25000
Sponsor vegetarian meals for an entire day for children …You can go one step further and provide all the meals (breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner) for all the children! Our only stipulation is that when you do, please come over to SPARSH and share the meals with us – the children would love to meet you! 5000
1)Lunch /Dinner-2000 2)Breakfast-1000
Sponsor a monthly recreational outing for children… All children love holidays and picnics. Your gift will ensure that our children are taken out on a picnic once every six month! 1)10000 Monthly Picnic
2)50000 Out station every six month

We would be happy to accept Cash/Cheques/DD/Money orders/Pay orders in the name of: 'SPARSHBALGRAM'

(All donations given to SPARSH are exempt from Income Tax Act 1961 U/S 80G)